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Collective Stories, by Kátia Bandeira de Mello Gerlach

I. Memory from the Refrigerator

The lettuce flowers withered. At night. His antelope eyes circulated around the room. A happiness pervaded. His dislike for salads was evident.

II. In gratitude to the derrière

Much to be grateful for, an old man attested. He looked down to his bagel filled with cream cheese and smoked salmon and two young man caused his fall. One was on skates and the other exercised parkour between fire hydrants. X. screamed, his skin no longer as supple as before and all too bony X. was taken to a nearby café where he sat quietly and sipped a coffee. Sitting is painful now. He orders a Van Hooten hot chocolate and demands boiling milk to a speechless waiter who never saw a naked old man in his intimacy. A woman comes and covers the old man’s body. She has cheeks as round as the old man’s derrière were when he was young. He sees youth and thinks how ungrateful they are for their soft landing possibilities.

III. Hygiene

War. War is the cleanest means of hygiene. By the true elimination of man, the earth is less sordid. Thus the couple opened up the first of a chain of laundry stores. It is a simple business: you paint the walls white and install washers and dryers and coin machines. The people come with sacks of clothes and wash away their dirt. And you try to eliminate the customers, one by one.

IV. Fear as Live Matter

It is not considered vulgar to sell Matrioskas on Atlantic Avenue.

V. Fractions & Refractions

Time was fascinated and entered the Eye. Time decided not to leave in belief of its free will. Time did not realize that Time was imprisoned by the Retina. Half of Time fits in one Eye and the other Half as well. The Heart inquired on how to inject Memory into the Muscles much the way Time penetrates the body.

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